For Sea6 Energy

Sea6 Energy is a biofuels and alternative energy company headquartered in southern India. Sea6 plans to tap the power of the world’s oceans by generating biofuels from a bunchy type of seaweed that grows naturally in shallow waters. Their aquaculture system requires tools for collecting and harvesting the seaweed.

I worked with Sea6 to create the first harvested mechanisms of their kind. Brainstorming sessions lead to sketches, then CAD models, and then to simple prototypes used for hands on testing. The best performing concepts were made into models of more mechanized units meant for higher throughput applications and also into simple tools, which Sea6 is preparing to deploy to seaweed farmers in coastal Tamil Nadu, India.

  • sea6-rotating-cutter
  • sea6-metal-prototypes
  • sea6-cad3
  • sea6-cad2
  • sea6-cad