Aron Olesen Zingman

Creative Mechanical Engineer focused on product design and development

Career Experience – Product Development and Medical Device Design
Career Experience – Teaching and Other
US Patents, Skills, Languages, and Hobbies


Career Experience – Product Development and Medical Device Design

Zingman Design/p.s.y.c.h Design

Bangalore, KA, India
July 2014-present

Mechanical engineer and product design/development consultant experienced in prototyping, fabrication, and engineering design. Responsible for design tasks, scoping/quoting new projects for clients, project management, and business development. Strong background in medical device design. Specializing in problem solving through prototyping.

Client industries include: Medical device, home/kitchen appliances, cycling accessories, food tech, alternative energy.

· Conceptual design on paper, in CAD, and with physical models.
· Functional prototyping for internal design assessment, client evaluation, field/user testing.
· Detailed design of full assemblies and injection molded plastic components in SolidWorks.
· Project stages from breadboard, functional/aesthetic models, to design for manufacturing.

· Harvesting equipment used in aquaculture of seaweed for biofuel production.
· Low-cost medical diagnostic devices and systems focused on Diabetes management.
· Large scale hot food vending machine: mechanism design of unique enclosure.
· Bluetooth controller for Lumos Aster lighted cycling backpack: mechanical design/DFM.
· Low-cost LED headlamp for rural farmers: research, design, and sourcing/manufacturing.

Continuum LLC

West Newton, MA, USA
November 2010-June 2013

Mechanical Engineer at a consulting firm focused on product design, innovation, and strategy, with clients in diverse industries including consumer devices, medical devices, and life-science instrumentation.

System design of a 4-channel laser fluorescence microscope for a lab-on-chip based life-sciences instrument. Selected optical components. Refined optomechanical system from breadboard through to manufacturable assembly. Developed a unique method to locate and align channels on the microfluidic chip relative to laser emitters and fluorescence detectors in the instrument.

Designed sterile connectors and valves for use in pharmaceutical production. Brainstormed conceptual designs, implemented concepts with 3D printed and machined prototypes, and refined components for injection molded manufacturing.

Developed mechanical, optical, and PCB layout of a mobile phone enabled medical diagnostic device for use by patients in cost-sensitive markets in the developing world.

Johnson & Johnson

Cincinnati, OH, USA
August 2007-October 2010

Mechanical Engineer at Johnson & Johnson’s Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc. Designed minimally invasive and open surgical devices for surgical stapling, electrosurgery, and ultrasonic cutting and coagulating. 20 issued US patents across multiple products and projects.

Designed a surgical stapler handle with a 70% reduction in parts, while adding tactile feedback, minimizing cost, and simplifying product assembly (sole inventor on three issued patents for design).

First engineer embedded in the Industrial Design/Human Factors team. Analyzed electrosurgical instrument ergonomics based on Human Factors data; developed prototype handles for research and user preference testing.


Career Experience – Teaching and Other

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Cambridge, MA, USA
January 2014-May 2014

Co-Instructor for MIT’s D-Lab Design course, an engineering design course with a focus on addressing problems of underserved communities around the world. Developed curriculum, delivered lectures, and mentored and evaluated about 20 students working on four project teams tasked with prototyping a product requested by international community partners.

Harvard University

Cambridge, MA, USA
September 2013-May 2014

Teaching staff member for Engineering Sciences 100: Engineering Design Projects course, Harvard’s senior year engineering project thesis. Directly mentored more than 10 individual student projects. Involved in grading, lecturing, and section instruction for a class of 55 students.


Cambridge, MA, USA
August 2013-May 2014

Designer and  inventor. Designed and prototyped a solar powered boom box inspired by sound systems I had seen at Roskilde Festival 2007 and 2008. Launched the product as the ZingBox on Kickstarter, where it was successfully funded at 141% of the project goal. Refined the product design, managed inventory, fabricated, and delivered 16 ZingBox units, each containing 150+ components.



Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Cambridge, MA, USA

Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering – Class of 2007

2007 MIT IDEAS Competition – Vac-Cast Prosthetics – Award for International Technology recipient
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant for the 2.007: Design & Manufacturing I class/robotics competition


US Patents

Sole Inventor Patents – 4

8,136,712   Surgical stapler with discrete staple height adjustment and tactile feedback
8,360,296   Surgical stapling head assembly with firing lockout for a surgical stapler
8,794,497   Surgical stapling head assembly with firing lockout for a surgical stapler
9,232,945   Surgical stapling head assembly with firing lockout for a surgical stapler

Multiple Inventor Patents – 18

8,308,040    8,453,906    8,460,186    8,486,096    8,517,932    8,814,025    8,926,598    8,985,429    9,050,100   9,089,330    9,095,346    9,101,359    9,107,689    9,113,884    9,161,803    9,192,431    9.381,058    9,393,018



SolidWorks – solid modeling, sheet metal modeling, FEA, part design for injection molding
Conceptual design – brainstorming, sketching, paper prototyping, foam core modeling
Machining/fabrication – metal, plastics, wood, rapid prototyping, mill, lathe, design for 3D printing



English (Fluent), Danish (intermediate), Spanish (intermediate), Hebrew (beginner)



Motorcycling, Glass Blowing, Design and Fabrication Projects, Rock Climbing, Scuba Diving