Essmart operates a product distribution network in Tamil Nadu, India, supplying local retail shops in villages with high quality, life-improving products that can be sold to the shops’ customers. Deliveries are made by Sales Executives, who ride their personal motorbikes to shops in order to fulfill orders. The Sales Executives need to carry various lighting, clean water, agricultural, and cooking products with them, but do not want to make any permanent modifications to their bikes.

On my first trip to India (nominally a vacation), I spent a couple days understanding the requirements for Essmart’s removable motorcycle carrying rack and coming up with a design, and another day working with a metal fabricator in Bangalore to prototype the rack. Dimensions were specified using a simple cardboard and tape mockup and then translated into design sketches. As designed, the dimensions maximize carrying capacity without extending past the width of the handle bars or interfering with the rider’s seating position. The rack is held in place by wedging the rear portion of the motorbike seat between two upholstered foam pads on the underside of the rack and then securing it in place using a single elastic strap. The rack can quickly and easily be removed from the bike by reversing the mounting process when the Sales Executives are finished working.