Hello! You’ve reached the personal website of Aron Zingman, freelance mechanical engineer and product designer, based out of Bangalore, India.


Whether I’m working in the real world with tools and parts in hand or in CAD on the computer, nothing drives me as much as taking an idea and turning it into something that works. Please take a look at my professional history and my portfolio of selected projects that I can share online. If you need help taking your idea or concept or dream and turning it into a functioning, moving, ticking, breathing device, be in touch. You can reach me at aron[at]zingman.dk


For an example of how I move from idea to prototype to small scale production, take a look at my successfully funded and delivered ZingBox solar powered boom box project on Kickstarter. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/zingman/zingbox-a-solar-powered-boom-box

ZingBox Top Image Small